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CollaborateTelephony refers to the technology that provides the people to have communication even over long distances, particularly by linking telephones to each other. This technology is related to fax, transmission of voice electronically between distant points utilizing structures and systems that are related with the telephone. So primarily, telephony is the science of converting sound into electrical signals, sending them, and then translating them back to sound.

Currently, telephony has been digitized and developed into digital telephony. Phone calls are enabled digitally, but are limited to cases wherein the translation from digital to analog signals happens within the telephone. This technological innovation has elevated the quality of the telecommunication services and has lowered its cost. This has been discovered very useful for ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) that transmits information quickly through telephone lines.

Another significant model that has been linked to telephony is computer telephony integration (CTI), that allows the computer to learn and control the functions of the phone such as creating/sending and receiving voice, data calls, fax and caller ID. The assimilation of the computer system and phone software is a huge advancement in the progression of the automated office. The term is used to describe the digital services of contact centers like those that connect your call to the correct department at a firm or business that you are trying to reach. Also, it is the term used to describe the capability to utilize your computer to begin and direct telephone calls. Computer telephony integration has been widely used for decades in large phone networks, but only by contact center firms who could afford such services. But recently, there are a few applications that were developed to make computer telephony available to most people. The scale has been expanded with the initiation of the technologically advanced communications. Currently, the term telephony entails not only telephone communication but also cellphone communication, internet calling, voicemail, faxing and video conferencing.