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ComputeThe past few years have seen more changes in the traditional computing technology world than we’ve seen in the decade before!  Sure, Servers and PCs still proliferate, but the need to use them more efficiently, to make the computing resources available to our staff independent of platform or location and the need to make sure the services are available in a true 7×24 fashion have changed how we use these technologies dramatically!

The data center as we know it no longer exists.  The concept of a single (or two) rooms with servers dedicated to specific applications, each running their own applications with dedicated local storage, just no longer applies!  The idea that we can only gain access to our applications by “logging in at the desktop” is growing increasing arcane as devices and means of connection (read: mobility) proliferates!

In today’s world, the driving factors have become Scalability, Speed to deployment, Total Cost of Ownership and Resiliency.

In order to scale the number of servers needed to support ever increasing business application demand, we can either build huge data centers (no longer feasible financially or physically), or we can Virtualize!  Virtualization, led by VMware, allows our clients to maximize the use of each Server pressed into service, while also providing a platform which allows applications deployment to be done in moments rather than the days it took a few short years ago.  Better yet, it no longer matters whether the servers themselves are local (in the traditional data center), or are in a resilient/365 location such as a hosted facility, or, increasingly, “in the cloud” being hosted for us!

Truly Virtualization answers ALL the key points of Scalability, Speed to deployment, Total Cost of Ownership and Resiliency.

Of course, anything that has been designed to meet all your business needs can be complex to deploy and support, and that’s why RTM Communications has invested heavily in our staff to make sure you get the best performance from your virtualized environment!