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RTM Communications can provide you with the best Virtualization solution in New HampshireVirtualization is the design and creation of a virtual form of OS or operating system, storage device, hardware platform and network resources. It is also the process of compartmentalizing one server from other virtual servers or machines. After the physical server is separated, each logical server can function and run applications and operating systems independently. It operates as though it is a completely distinct resource. OS virtualization is the utilization of software to let a section of hardware manage multiple operating systems simultaneously.

The most important element is the virtualization manager, also known as hypervisor software. It is placed in between the operating system and the hardware, and it separates the hardware from the applications and the operating system. The hypervisor software allocates and decides the level of access that applications and OS have with hardware resources or the processor.

Categories of Virtualization

  • Hardware: pertains to the making of a virtual machine that operates like an actual computer with an operating system.
  • Network: merges computing resources in a network by separating the available bandwidth to channels that are independent that can be assigned or reassigned to a specific server or device.
  • Desktop: allows the main server to manage desktops remotely. This offers users the complete experience and allows IT personnel to manage, patch and upgrade virtually.
  • Application: splits applications from the operating system and hardware, placing them in a section that can be transferred without disrupting other systems.
  • Storage: is the method of condensing logical storage from physical storage.