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ConnectWireless refers to the transmission of signals through electromagnetic waves. There are a few monitoring tools like intrusion alarms that utilize acoustic waves at frequencies that are beyond the scale of an individual’s sense of hearing, these are also categorized as wireless.

There are three modes for wireless communications, which include microwave communication, infrared and radio frequency communication.

The most common wireless devices include:

  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Mobile Phones
  • Remote controls for different appliances and other electronic devices
  • satellite television
  • wireless LANs (Local Area Networks)
  • two way radios

Categories of Wireless Systems

1. Mobile Wireless – the utilization of systems aboard motorized or wireless devices on moving vehicles.

2. Fixed Wireless – the process of a wireless system or device that is utilized to connect two fixed sites with a laser bridge or a radio.

3. IR Wireless – this is the transmission of information through infrared radiation which is an electromagnetic energy at wavelength/s that are longer than those of a red light.

4. Portable Wireless – the process wherein battery powered systems and devices operate outside home, vehicle, or office.

Wireless Networking is utilized to tackle a lot of necessities. The most popular use of this is to connect users of laptops or tablets who regularly take a trip from one place to another. The wireless transmission mode is the best option to network a LAN section that must be regularly moved and transfer sites. We need wireless technology for the following reasons: It can reach distances that are beyond what the regular cable could, it could also provide support on communication connection just in case the regular network fails to work and it provides connection to short term work stations. With the proper wireless network security, a wireless network can provide the best connection for a home or business.