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IP Surveillance


What is IP Surveillance?

It is a type of surveillance using an IP camera (Internet Protocol) which is a digital video camera that can transmit and receive data through the internet and the computer network.

What is the difference between IP surveillance and CCTV surveillance? An IP camera has a lot of advantages over CCTV. Below are some of them:

  1. When using both IP cameras and CCTV, the user will have the opportunity to monitor through the internet from any site all over the world. However, IP cameras are equipped with the necessary tools and don’t need additional software installed for it to function. On the other hand, CCTV requires hardware and software components to make it work.
  2. IP cameras can be placed in a remote or isolated place which makes it almost impossible for the recording or the tape to be stolen. CCTV cameras can easily be located and its tapes and recordings can be taken.
  3. IP cameras have wireless capability and variations for convenience and to increase its portability. IP surveillance cameras only need one main cable for the power supply, which makes it less difficult to work with when installing in a particular location.
  4. IP surveillance cameras are keeping up with today’s technological advancements as they are installed with video analytics like motion detection and advanced tracking. This kind of technology has the capability to detect a car passing by the road, movement of a person, or dogs running around.
  5. IP surveillance technology is quickly progressing. Although CCTV isn’t obsolete, IP cameras have become the most popular choice for surveillance purposes in homes or offices with little to zero security.