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SecureUPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply, also known as flywheel/battery back up, is an electronic device that allows loading of emergency power in case the main power crashes. The difference between UPS and emergency power system or a generator is that UPS will provide immediate security from input power disruptions by providing energy stored in a flywheel or batteries. UPS is commonly utilized to secure data centers, computer and telecommunication devices and other electronic devices wherein an unforeseen power interruption may cause damages, injuries, casualty or massive business data loss or disruption.


HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning is a technological system that controls the temperature of the environment which is significant in enterprise data centers and computing. It is also crucial in the structural designs of industrial and office buildings. It is one of the data center components that needs to be planned for. Most of the physical hardware tools or devices need to comply with the environmental requirements that include standard or applicable temperature scale. These environmental requirements are usually indicated in product information documents or planning guides.


Rack is a form of middleware, it is located in between the web server and the web application. It manages all of the API calls that are server specific, transmits the HTTP request and all environmental limits in a hash, and provides your application’s reply back to the server. The rack consists of various “bays” or mounting slots, each functions to secure a hardware unit in position with screws.  A rack server has an unnoticeable enclosure which makes it different from a tower server which has a vertical and detached cabinet.