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SupportWelcome to RTM Engineering Support Services.

Detailed below are the various contact methods for you to open service tickets through RTM’s Engineering Support Services and gain access to technical resources. All requests for service flow through a central point via Web Portal, eMail and Telephone. Resources will then be coordinated and dispatched in a manner that will provide the highest level of service possible.

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  • Web Portal:
    • The designated contacts authorized to open service tickets for your company can now open a new service ticket, add to existing service tickets and review status on-line at the following URL: https://rtmhelpdesk.removethemystery.com/support
      • Please contact Sean Powers at spowers@removethemystery.com or (603) 420-1205 to set up your access to the Web Portal.
      • Also, please let us know who else in your organization would benefit from portal access.
  • Email:
    • The designated customer contacts authorized to open service tickets for your company can send an email to request service.
      • When sending an email for a new service request, please use the email address of support@removethemystery.com. This will automatically open a new ticket.
      • The subject line of the email will become the title of the ticket.
      • If you have a request that does not require opening a new ticket for service, please contact your RTM Account Executive.
  • Phone:
    • The designated customer contacts authorized to open service tickets for your company can call the following phone numbers to verbally open a ticket:
      • (866) 786-9991 – Toll Free.
      • (603) 420-1248 – Local.

When tickets are opened using these three methods, you will receive a status notification via email. These status emails will also come to you when an existing ticket has changed status; Assigned, In-Progress, Waiting on X, Reschedule and Completed. These emails are simply informational and do not require any action on your part. You can however reply to these emails if you have additional information relating to the ticket. When you reply, your email details will be automatically added to the ticket and RTM Service Staff will be notified.

On-going customer feedback is a huge factor in RTM’s growth and improvement, we look forward to hearing your comments and questions relative to these tools. Please let us know how we can better serve you moving forward and Thank You for your business!