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Should I Outsource?

My company’s computer services… Should I hire or outsource its support?

What am I really trying to accomplish? What is my IT vision? Should I hire in-house IT staff or outsource? As a business owner or manager, you may have faced these tough choices:

The process of answering these questions has many facets, but you can likely come to a decision by investigating the following:

  • RTM Communications provides the best IT Vision for your company's IT needs.What technology issues am I currently frustrated with?  Is an in-house employee or outsourced IT partner better suited to solve these issues and help me plan for the future?
  • What are my competitors doing with technology that I am not that gives them an edge?  Is an in-house employee or outsourced IT partner better suited to give me that edge?
  • What is my budget?  What can I afford?
  • Does management view the IT infrastructure as critical to operations and a strategic asset?
  • What is the overall cost (time + compensation + equipment + benefits) that an employee (or more than one) will cost me versus what a managed services partner will cost?
  • Do I as a manager have adequate bandwidth (or personnel with adequate bandwidth) to manage this employee(s)?
  • Will my company be able to provide adequate on-going training that is relevant to where our technology is today, and where it needs to be as we evolve?
  • Will the employee(s) I hire be able to respond to IT needs 24/7 if needed?
  • Will the employee(s) I hire be able to handle an overwhelming majority of the trouble tickets and projects, or will we end up outsourcing many items regardless (either due to lack of time or expertise)?
  • Will I be able to find a technician(s) with the depth and breadth of knowledge to provide valuable input on the impact of technology in each of my business decisions?
  • Would outsourcing IT free up some of my key staff to deal with more important matters?

In need of an IT Solution for your company? RTM Communications provides it with their IT Vision serviceThe answers to these questions will certainly vary from business to business.  Today, if IT is not a critical corporate asset then, perhaps, in-house staff, either full time or part time, will be sufficient. However, can that staff sustain or drive the growth of technology as it is needed to grow your business?  The answers to all these questions vary from company to company.  Hopefully, the list provided will set you down the path to making the best decision possible for your business, today and in the future.

With these ideas in mind, you may have even more questions than answers.  To see what IT Vision, the custom managed services offering from RTM Communications can do for you, call us. We are a leader in IT lifecycle configuration and management. We have all the IT solutions and expertise your business could ever need. We can be reached at 603-420-1200, and will gladly send a representative to your office to evaluate your communication needs.